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If Rua can only dare. Tapu and tapu and tapu, I big breasted actress they are every one right; But the god big breasted actress every tapu big breasted actress not always quick to smite. Lie secret there, my Rua, in the arms of awful gods, Sleep in the shade of the trees on the couch of the kindly sods, Sleep and dream of Taheia, Taheia will wake for you; And whenever the land wind blows and the woods are heavy with dew, Alone through the horror of night, f with food for the soul of her love, Taheia the undissuaded will hurry true as the dove. Taheia, the pit of the night crawls with treacherous things, Spirits of ultimate air and the evil souls of things; The souls of the dead, the stranglers, that perch in the trees of the wood, Waiters for all things human, haters of evil and good. Rua, behold me, kiss me, look in my eyes and read; Are these the eyes of a maid that would leave her lover in need. Brave in the eye of day, my father ruled in the fight; The child of his loins, Taheia, will big breasted actress the man in the night. So it was spoken, and so agreed, and Taheia arose And smiled in the stars and was gone, big breasted actress as the swallow goes; And Rua stood on the hill, and sighed, and followed her flight, And there were the lodges below, each with its door alight; From folk that sat on the terrace and drew out the even long Sudden crowings of laughter, monotonous drone of song; The quiet passage of souls over his head in the trees; g And from all around the haven the crumbling thunder of seas.
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